Patent Search:

One of our Licensed, Registered Patent Practitioners will do a thorough Patent Search to determine if legal protection is available.

Full Color 3D Graphic Illustration: 

One of our certified and highly skilled Graphic Artists will develop a full color 3D representation of your invention idea. This 3D representation will be life like and will point out the key benefits and features of the product—this is great to use as marketing material.

Marketing Submissions Department:

 The Marketing Submission Department does extensive research on companies, retail outlets, and manufactures based on your products industry.  They will build a customized list of companies, retail outlets and manufactures that will include- company contact information, direct contact information for the submission materials, and the correct submission policy for each company personalized for your invention idea.

Sell Sheet Brochure:

The Sell Sheet Brochure is Mannheim Innovations’ turn-key approach. It has been tested and proven to be not only very effective when presented to companies, also it is what the companies prefer to see when they are being presented a new product.  The Sell Sheet Brochure points out the new product’s key benefits, why the new product’s is a benefit to the company it is being presented to, and the new product’s market benefits.

Product Presentation Packets/Submission Policies:

The Product Presentation Packets are packets that Mannheim Innovations’ put together for their clients with all the forms that are needed when it comes to presenting an invention idea to companies. It includes all the marketing material and all the legal documents to protect yourself and your invention idea.  Plus, the submission policies help assure that you are presenting your invention idea to the right people-in the right fashion. Again, the Marketing Submissions Department. does all the research to establish the correct contact information, requested documents, and submission policies of the interested companies.

Legal Protection Drafting & Filing:

We will directly refer you over to one of our Licensed, Registered Patent Practitioners who will draft and file your legal protection (Provisional Patent Application, Utility Patent, Design Patent, Trademark, or Copyright)– with your approval before filing.

Licensing Agent Representative:

One of our Licensing Agent Representatives will help assist you when it comes to negotiating, reviewing any licensing agreement and/or buyout offers with manufactures, retail outlets, and/or investors, and any general questions you may have with getting your idea out to the market.