About Us


Mannheim Innovations, Inc.


Mannheim Innovations, Inc. is a product development firm that helps independent inventors and entrepreneurs.  Mannheim Innovations was built on extensive research and knowledge acquired from the New Product Invention Industry. With over 10 years of experience our highly skilled product consultants come from a wide array of backgrounds; whose innovative industry knowledge can better help us, so we are able to help you!

At Mannheim Innovations Inc., we believe that profit does not make a company successful, but working together as a team to provide a positive impact, and adding real value to a client’s project create true greatness.

At Mannheim Innovations our services include, but are not limited to: invention documentation, intellectual property research, development, legal protection, and assistance with intellectual property licensing or assignment of property rights.

Customer service is our number one priority-so if you are not happy, neither are we. Email us at customer.service@mannheiminnovations.com to give us positive or negative feedback.